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TangoAccommodation.org is a nonprofit Argentine Tango organization founded in Hungary.


Our mission is to give help for travelling tango friends all around the world to find the best possibilities for booking cheap and/or discounted accommodation, to find roommates, to receive useful information about travelling to and staying at a tango city. We would like to help them to save time and money during the preparation for taking part in any kind of tango event.


Our mission is also to give help for tango event organizers to find a good accommodation for their guests, and let them save time for their event organizing job.


The TangoAccommodation.org organization currently runned by Arts Harmony Association (1029 Budapest, Csongor u. 39. Hungary) as a world-wide acting legal NGO entity registred officially in Budapest, Hungary.


The TangoAccommodation.org project is dedicated to the memory of Anne-Sophie Ville, the Forever Tango Gitana, with whom we started this project in 2010. Her life was The Tango. She travelled a lot for it, and always shared useful information with tango friends to help them. In this site her spirituality will keep working and helping for all travelling tango friends.


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